Panasonic presents its new action camera with gra ...

Panasonic presents its action camera with recording …

March 24, 2014

panasonic hx a500 armThe new Panasonic HX-A500 is the first action or hands-free camera introduced by the manufacturer that has the necessary to record in 4K format.

Strictly speaking, 4K will record at 25 frames per second, but if you don’t want to sacrifice dynamism to increase resolution, it is also possible to set it to 1080p with 50 frames per second, or 720p and 420p, both resolutions at 100 frames per second. In the case of 420p, we can also raise the frame rate to 200 per second.

As good equipment for extreme sports, it has some certificates of resistance to inclement weather, and Panasonic promises up to 30 minutes of recording in maximum depths of 3 meters under water. Guarantee of the latter is the IPX8 certification.

Finally, we can control the camera from the device that is connected to the latter and can be attached to the arm by means of a bracelet. In the connectivity section, we have WiFi and NFC, and the ability to stream live through Ustream.

via Panasonic presents its new action camera with 4K recording.

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