Pacemakers connected already have their protocol for ...

Pacemakers connected already have their protocol for …

February 2, 2015

At the University of the Basque Country, researcher Jasone Astorga has created a new security protocol called Ladón with the aim of offering devices that allow remote monitoring a secure end-to-end authentication, authorization and key establishment system.

Its most direct application would be the possibility of establishing information exchange between the connected medical device and the Internet in a secure way, for example, the consultation of parameters by the doctor.

The Ladón protocol, according to its creator, does not affect the normal functioning of a pacemaker, one of the potentially most interesting products to have in the first place with this method of protecting information.

The use of the protocol implies a negligible energy consumption compared to the usual consumption of these medical equipment in its real operation, and it does not reduce memory capacity or add latency to take into account when sending or receiving information for its proper functioning.

via Connected pacemakers already have their security protocol thanks to the University of the Basque Country.

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