Operations of the Postal Institute remain paralyzed ...

Operations of the Postal Institute remain paralyzed …

May 24, 2014

IPOSTELWorkers of the Telegraphic Postal Institute of Venezuela, Ipostel, marched this Friday from San Martín to the headquarters of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, on Urdaneta avenue, to demand the prompt intervention of the agency and the removal of President Carlos Joa, who has been in office for seven months. in office.

About 200 people gathered, many of them with banners and in their respective uniforms, at the doors of the government building.

They took two channels of circulation to the east of the city. But a contingent of the GN regrouped them on the sidewalks, so that the traffic flow was affected for perhaps half an hour.

They were crying out, according to postal rules, that Jorge Arreaza attend to them directly, to whom they would deliver a letter with the minutes signed last Tuesday 20, where they raised nine requests before representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

via Ipostel operations remain paralyzed.

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