Open English response to alleged scam

Open English response to alleged scam

July 7, 2016

After the report of an alleged fraud by the Open English program to a Venezuelan woman was made public, the company sent an email to LaIguana.TV to give its version of the events. The academic program to learn English at a distance online called Open English, became a trend this Tuesday afternoon after the complaint of a woman who was considered scammed was made public.

The complainant would have domiciled the payments of the educational program to a credit card, however, motivated by the lack of time for her work, she put the programmatic content on “suspense” and could not enter until three months later to start with the online classes It was then that he realized that he had only nine months left, that is, they never stopped charging him during the break.

According to Open English, each of the users knows the self-renewal process, and the contract stipulates the mechanisms to end the course in advance or to eliminate the self-renewal, so Franco’s complaint has no basis Therefore, as popular wisdom says, ignoring the law does not protect its breach.

Source: This was Open English’s response to the alleged scam | Last News

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