Open Digital Television Signal reaches 500 thousand ...

Open Digital Television Signal reaches 500 thousand …

November 18, 2014

The Open Digital Television (TDA) signal currently reaches more than 500 thousand homes throughout the country, said the Minister for University Education, Science and Technology, Manuel Fernández, on Tuesday.

In statements to the press, after the graduation ceremony of 17 communicators in the Open Digital Television Diploma, mention of content production, in Caracas, Fernández pointed out that more than 700 thousand users receive the TDA signal through advanced technology cell phones.

“We are talking about the fact that between two and three million people can watch Open Digital Television today,” he said.

Likewise, he reported that in 2015 the third phase of the TDA will begin, which consists of activating the signal in 18 cities of the country to join the 22 it currently reaches.

“There will be 18 cities that together with the 22 that are already arriving, we will reach 40 (cities) and we will be around 60% of the population,” he said.

He added that among those 40 cities will be the 23 state capitals of the country, along with the Capital District. “All the state capitals of the country will have Open Digital Television in the course of 2015 and part of 2016,” Fernández said.

The TDA system began to develop in the country in 2013, at the initiative of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez.

This free service provided by the Venezuelan State is expanding, and its goal is to cover every corner of the national territory.

It is a free television system with an offer of channels whose contents are made entirely in Venezuela, as is the case with Colombeia or Conciencia TV, whose programming is educational and scientific.


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