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May 5, 2014

philips_8000_series«Open Digital Television (TDA) is a technological, social and cultural project that offers a new way of doing and watching television in the country. It is a policy promoted by the Bolivarian Government so that the Venezuelan people can enjoy a quality television signal free of charge that until now only offered subscription TV services. In this way, the official page ( defines what, according to that same portal, more than 130 thousand Venezuelan households have the option to see.

Access to the TDA is through a decoder and, according to information, already in this system, to which the rest of the national TV will migrate in the medium term, eleven channels have been included: three private (Venevisión, Televen and Meridiano) and eight officers (VTV, TVes, Antv, Telesur, Vive, 123, Colombeia and Conciencia).

By the end of 2013, the TDA covered 60% of the population and more than 400,000 decoders had been delivered, according to the Minister for Science, Manuel Fernández Meléndez. However, the newly created signals can be seen on most subscription television services.

via Open Digital Television expands.

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