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October 14, 2014

Microsoft has recognized that Windows 8 has flaws, so now they want to do things right and get as much user feedback as possible. For this they have created the Insider Program, through which the company sends users updates before the final version is released. In this way they can test the new functions and leave their impressions. It has only been two weeks since Microsoft made Windows 10 Preview available to users and now they announce that it has already reached one million downloads.

It seems that the plan is working well for them, since in this time they have received more than 200,000 comments pointing to certain failures, areas for improvement and of course also positive comments. With all this information, which is expected to continue to increase, the company will be able to better polish the bugs and achieve a final version that is more stable and better adapted to the real needs of users. In Redmond they have recognized the errors of Windows 8, a version that supposed a quite radical turn in the structure of Windows, mixing an interface optimized for touch screens with the desktop of a lifetime, but different. They have already confirmed that there will be changes in Windows 10 that will bring some old functions, to recover the essence of Windows.

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