One in three phishing attacks is to steal d ...

One in three phishing attacks is to steal d …

May 9, 2014

inf_Financial_phishing_targets_3One in three phishing attacks is to steal money. Last year 31% of phishing attacks used names of major banks, online stores and electronic payment systems, an increase of almost 9 percent compared to the previous year.

In Latin America, which represents 4% of phishing attacks worldwide, 36% of these are aimed at the theft of financial information.

According to data collected by Kaspersky Lab, cybercriminals are doing more than ever to acquire confidential user information and steal money from bank accounts by creating fake websites that mimic the official pages of financial organizations.

Phishing is a fraudulent scheme used by cybercriminals to obtain confidential user data with the help of fake web pages that mimic legitimate resources on the Internet. Unlike malicious software created for certain operating systems, phishing attacks threaten all devices that can access web pages, which is why they are so popular with scammers. Phishing sites aimed at collecting user financial data mainly use the brand names of the most popular online stores, electronic payment systems, and online banking systems.

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