One free month of antivirus protection for every goal in ...

One free month of antivirus protection for every goal in …

May 5, 2014

panda_golPanda Security, The Cloud Security Company, will exchange free months of protection of its products for the consumer market for goals scored in the Soccer World Cup, to be held in Brazil between June 12 and July 13. The Spanish multinational software company launched its World Cup Campaign until June 11, with the aim of rewarding its customers around the world with one month of additional protection of the product previously acquired for each goal of the selection that they choose to continue in the 2014 World Cup.

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To participate in this Panda Security World Cup Campaign, the customer must purchase and activate one of these products for the first time: Panda Antivirus Pro, Panda Internet Security, Panda Global Protection, Panda Gold Protection, Panda Mobile Security or Panda Antivirus For Mac, and register at www.pandaworldcup.comHow to participate in the World Cup Campaign

To participate in the Panda Security World Campaign, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Buy and activate a consumer product before June 11, 2014, well in the more than 100 computer stores nationwide.
  • Register and choose the soccer team to cheer on at the Soccer World Cup through, during the campaign dates.

“We are excited about football and safety, and we hope this campaign will be very well received. In fact, more than 80 countries in which we have a presence have already joined, among them, logically, the participants in the championship: Spain, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Belgium Portugal, Mexico, Argentina , Italy or Brazil. We believe that it is a fun and original way to reward our new customers, and, at the same time, to link the world of international sports competition with that of multi-device security that we offer in many of our products “, commented Álvaro Elorriaga , Worldwide Retail Director of Panda Security.

The bases of the campaign are available at

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