On Labor Day, get to know the main trends ...

On Labor Day, get to know the main trends …

May 1, 2014

tabletOn the occasion of Labor Day, Intel presented the main characteristics that have determined the current model of the workforce around the world. In times of mobility and high production, professionals from all industry segments value the ability to work from anywhere, at any time and do so with data accessible from the company network, the web, or the cloud.

The trend is that more and more users work when and from where they can. They love the flexibility and speed of daily work handling, and all of this is made possible by mobile devices. This work model is already a reality for many companies around the world, but there are still other companies that have not yet incorporated it. For the Latin American region, it is expected that this year of the total tablets purchased, 20% will be destined for corporate use, according to Intel’s forecasts, which proves the growing increase in the adoption of mobile devices in the corporate field.

“The generation of results and the productivity of companies and professionals today depend directly on the devices they have. For the best optimization of daily tasks, devices with high performance power, long battery life and lightness are recommended. However, for the experience to be really satisfactory, the speed of the connection network are also great differentials, ”said Gaby Gallardo, Intel’s Business Marketing Manager for Latin America.

Following the global trend, the adoption of mobile devices in Latin America continues to advance rapidly. According to IDC projections for 2014, tablets are among the fastest growing categories in technology devices, with an increase of 34% for the region, reaching approximately 30 million devices sold during the year, both for personal use and for corporate.

Markets with the highest penetration rates

data_centerThe penetration of the use of tablets in the Latin American industry is today very widespread and presents great growth potential. According to a survey by AMI Partners in association with Intel, it is estimated that the use of tablets will be mainly in the wholesale sector, which includes the trade of durable and non-durable goods, reaching a growth figure of 11% Meanwhile, the manufacturing area will present a percentage of 10%, followed by retail with 9.3%. Another promising market for the adoption of tablets is the one that encompasses the financial, real estate and security businesses – the sector would reach a penetration of 8.5%, the same figure indicated for the administrative professional services sector in general.

“We saw that the tablets, as well as the 2 in 1, are very anatomical and light equipment, allowing them to be key tools for the management of mobile professional functions, for example for logistics executives, wholesales, commerce, among others. Even for professionals who are always traveling and coordinating different offices and teams, mobility is also essential ”, commented Gaby Gallardo. What executives expect

A study carried out by Intel Market Research has identified the main behaviors of today’s workers: in addition to the independence of the place, users consider as the most important factor the ability to have the ability to access the information they need from a variety of devices.

“Mobile devices are today a great tool that generates business and connects executives to all the news in the market in their workplace. Thanks to the touch system of the tablets, the devices allow the user a simpler experience in addition to the constant connection between data and strategic contacts at work ”, Gallardo added.

With an average of two devices for every professional, in the United States 57% of users use a notebook, while 47% work from their smartphones, and 18% use tablets. Regarding the use of tablets, 61% of executives use their own devices for corporate work.

“It is very common for both tablets, as well as other mobile devices and notebooks to be used for personal and corporate use at the same time. Due to their ease of use, practicality and lightness, they are widely used as a great support in the daily routine of professionals. It is the era of total connection ”, concluded Gaby Gallardo.

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