OctopuSocial.com a new Latin American tool ...

OctopuSocial.com a new Latin American tool …

July 21, 2014

OctopuSocial.com is a Latin American technological platform, designed for the management, administration, monitoring and programming of social networks aimed at small, medium and large companies, who need to carry out campaigns on the web to increase their presence and positioning in their community.

Using OctopuSocial.com does not require experience, it is not a desktop tool, it does not need to be installed. The user simply accesses via the web from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The language of OctopuSocial.com is Spanish. The platform allows you to integrate and connect Twitter and Facebook accounts, for an efficient marketing campaign, identifying in each community, their interests and what they want to hear.

Its format is very intuitive and what is even better, it is very friendly, it is based on movable tabs and columns. When registering with OctopuSocial.com, the first step will be to verify the email and later configure all the Twitter and Facebook accounts that the user wishes to use. Currently its creators are working on the incorporation of new social networks such as Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

The tools offered by OctopuSocial.com allow you to increase productivity and work as a team with the platform, which allows delegating responsibilities and scheduling activities to reach audiences with force.

Through OctopuSocial.com it is possible to send a welcome message to new followers, distribute direct messages between contacts, schedule content and also recommend the best time to publish them.

In OctopuSocial.com the user will be able to find an endless number of indicators that will describe their management through a powerful statistics module that will allow them to know in real time, how their audience has grown, the impact of their social content, who follows them and who stopped following it, among other services, in accordance with the parameters established by its creators.

The platform allows you to know the geo-location, language and social habits of the most influential followers and adjusts your strategies and content to new trends.

Additionally, it allows the user to integrate their blog, photo albums, web content and traditional web link shorteners with their social networks.

OctopuSocial.com enables you to manage multiple profiles from various social networks, depending on the user’s needs. The business model is free for a limited number of profiles, but if you need extra functions, you can obtain them through a small payment that you can cancel in bolivars directly from the website.

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