NYPD Will Start Bringing Cameras Incorporated ...

NYPD Will Start Bringing Cameras Incorporated …

September 6, 2014

They will make use of ‘wearable’ technology so that their work with citizens can be monitored by their superiors. The New York City police released the body cameras that the department will begin testing.

The NYC Police Department will test two types of cameras. The first is made by Taser, best known for its stun guns. The second model is from Vievu, a company specializing in portable cameras.

The death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Missouri teenager who was killed by a police officer last month while driving unarmed, has made authorities turn to technology. The officer who shot Brown did not, of course, carry a camera. Bratton said these cameras could provide a more objective record of a police encounter than the conflicting rumors they sometimes have to contend with.

via The NYPD will begin to carry built-in cameras – ABC.es.

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