NSA is prepared to infect "millions of computers ...

NSA is prepared to infect “millions of computers …

March 12, 2014

NSA is ready to infect

We return with a new installment of leaks from Edward Snowden. Glenn Greenwald, the journalist with whom he collaborates, has just published in Firstlook a very comprehensive article detailing several of the programs that the NSA uses to monitor and intercept information that travels over the Internet, including malicious software that is installed in various ways on computers of the objectives.

Specifically, and according to the leaked documents, the NSA has an initiative known as “Owning the net” in place, to which it allocates more than 67 million dollars each year. Within it is the spyware program TURBINE, developed by the elite hackers team of the NSA and in which the implantation of malware on a large scale and in an automated way is proposed.

via The NSA, prepared to infect “millions” of computers with spyware.

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