Now Barbie will be a "smart" doll and convers ...

Now Barbie will be a “smart” doll and convers …

February 19, 2015

The toy giant Mattel is looking for a way to resurrect the already worn and multifaceted Barbie, one of the iconic toys of the last 50 years, which has its own sub-brand where they have emerged from movies, video games, clothing, even a special edition of a real car.

But that was the past, since before the rise of applications and therefore electronic devices, classic toys have begun to be seen in a predicament as children begin to leave them relegated.

Faced with this problem, the people of Mattel decided to risk everything and partner with the ToyTalk team, an application developer studio specialized in making games and dynamics through conversations with the child, to create the first intelligent doll, which will literally be able to talk with the little ones, as well as learn about their tastes and conversation topics, called Hello Barbie. Chilling? Yes a bit.

via Now Barbie will talk with the children | one zero.

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