Nokia has retired its maps from iOS

Nokia has retired its maps from iOS

December 28, 2013

Nokia has withdrawn its mapping platform from the App Store, ceasing to compete against Google and Apple on iOS. The application, HERE Maps, took advantage of the initial failures of Apple’s maps in iOS 6 to attract users but is now withdrawn due to “recent changes in iOS 7”.

Those changes, according to the same Nokia spokesmen, “hurt” the user experience. The company encourages everyone to continue using its maps through the mobile web, but we all know that removing an application from the App Store is a sentence.

Anyway, and seeing how unattractive HERE Maps has had on iOS, Nokia could have taken advantage of the movement to withdraw the application and repair not only the program itself but also the entire platform. Google maps have more and more functions, Apple’s are improving day after day … and they are much more optimized applications than Nokia’s.

via Why has Nokia removed its maps from iOS ?.

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