Nokia acquires Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion ...

Nokia acquires Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion …

April 15, 2015

Alcatel-LucentThe Finnish company has announced the purchase of its rival Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion euros in what represents the largest transaction in the industry in the last decade.

Both companies will form a joint venture owned 66.5% by the Nordic company and 33.5% by Alcatel. The resulting company, based in Finland, will become the second largest network manufacturer by market share, after Ericsson. The name of the new company will be Nokia Corporation.

The company resulting from the operation will have more than 40,000 employees dedicated to R&D and a turnover of 4.7 million euros directed to research last year. With these assets, you can accelerate the development of future technologies including 5G, software-defined networks, the cloud, analytics, as well as sensors and image processing.

The operation is expected to close in the first half of 2016.

via Nokia it acquires Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion euros.

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