Nintendo will create games for smartphones and plans new ...

Nintendo will create games for smartphones and plans new …

March 17, 2015

Nintendo has just confirmed that it will enter the world of video games for smartphones from the hand of the Japanese giant DeNA. Both companies will develop games designed especially for smartphones and tablets. Change of era. Finally.

At the moment there are no details about what type of games they will be, titles or plots. Nintendo has just confirmed a partnership with DeNA, one of the largest mobile game companies in Japan. The games will be a development of both companies but their intellectual property will be Nintendo.

Nintendo, however, has wanted to make it clear that it is not leaving the console business. The head of the Japanese company, Satoru Iwata, has said that they have decided to start working with smartphones, “but not because we have lost our passion and vision for the business of systems dedicated to video games,” he said. Translated: they will continue to make consoles.

To demonstrate the commitment, Iwata assured that they are working on new hardware whose internal name is “NX”. “Nintendo is developing a dedicated gaming platform with a completely new concept in development and under the internal name of NX,” he explained.

There are no more details, we will have to wait until 2016 to know them, which is when Nintendo will announce what the new NX hardware is really about. It seems logical to think that it will be the successor to the Wii U, but it may be a new system without any relation to this console.

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