Nexus Player is Google's new attempt to conquer ...

Nexus Player is Google’s new attempt to conquer …

October 15, 2014

Nexus Player, a streaming box manufactured by Asus and developed by Google.

Contrary to previous attempts, it will be able to run Android games, making an alliance with increasingly powerful mobile hardware a valid substitute for the console for an increasing percentage of users. Certainly not for the demanding, but for the casuals who have enough with this level of graphics and complexity brought to a large screen.

It will be available in reserve from October 17 in the United States, and on sale from November 3. No further details have been given at the moment about its price or availability in other countries, although this should not discourage us: in the first instance, the Chromecast was also a product only marketed in the United States.

via Nexus Player, the first device with Android TV.

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