Newspapers made by robots

Newspapers made by robots

April 21, 2014

guardianA paper newspaper comes out for the first time … made by a robot.

# Open001, which is the name of the publication, is an initiative of the British newspaper The Guardian in which an algorithm developed by themselves selects from among the news in its online edition those with the greatest popularity and impact on social networks, then applied to the content selected in The Guardian’s own style format, to be finally printed.

Despite the nationality of the parent publication, # Open001 will only see the light of day in the United States. It will also do so with a fairly restricted circulation (5,000 copies) that will be distributed free of charge to advertising agencies (such as Digitas, Horizon Media and Mindshare) and other media. The intention is to maintain a monthly periodicity from now on.

via Newspapers generated by robots | TICbeat.

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