New Windows Devices Announced at CES 2014

New Windows Devices Announced at CES 2014

January 9, 2014

Panasonic introduced the latest, robust and small Windows tablet, the 7 ”Toughpad, designed for the enterprise market

Panasonic introduced the latest, rugged, small Windows tablet, the 7 ”Toughpad, designed for the business market.

Also, Toshiba announced the Tecra W50, a new 4k mobile workstation offering ultra HD screen resolution, perfect for 3D graphics professionals and engineers.

Toshiba announced the Tecra W50

Along with tablets, there are a few other categories of devices where we’ve seen the most advancements and creativity: two-in-one and all-in-one. The two-in-one is a hassle-free solution, providing a tablet and a PC in one device. Think of a tablet with a keyboard that detaches or flips, flips, or rotates behind the screen for full tablet mode. This is a rapidly growing new category with a focus on Intel and incredible innovation from OEMs.


Our partner Lenovo announced some new 2-in-one designs including the 10 “MIXX 2 and the 11” MIIX 2 which are detachable multi-mode devices. New capabilities in Windows 8.1 like touch, new ways to discover what’s important to you, modern applications, and cloud services enable OEMs to think differently about hardware design. New hinge designs, touch panels, smaller and more powerful silicon chips, longer battery life, more durable materials like Corning Gorilla Glass and modern trackpads are among the latest advancements that allow people to interact with their devices in different ways. . Consumers will think twice about buying a 10 ”iPad or Android tablet and consider getting a two-in-one Windows that provides those additional benefits and represents much more value for their money.

All-in-ones are another category where OEMs dazzle customers with rotating displays, ultra-thin bezels, incredible HD / IPS displays, and built-in batteries that allow for greater portability. An all-in-one that was used to be static in the kitchen or on an office desk. Now it is considered a large portable tablet, carried from room to room for entertainment and media consumption, from multi-touch games to watching movies. These hardware innovations, built on the touch capabilities of Windows 8.1, perfectly exemplify the magic of hardware and software working together in a transparent way for the user. Microsoft and our partners empower people to make the most of the moments that matter most to them, and these types of experiences are not possible on other platforms.

Windows devices offer more ways to create an experience that is personal, expressive, and suitable for both personal and business tasks. And with improvements in Windows 8.1 that include cloud integration, improved search, customization, and new ways to multitask, the more than one billion people around the world who use Windows have the widest variety of devices to choose from.

Despite the benefits of touch for both end consumers and businesses, we have also seen great momentum in low-priced devices. Microsoft and our OEMs have some great deals here, one in particular that does quite well, especially against Android-based devices, is the ASUS X502CA which offers all the benefits of Windows at just $ 279 USD.

via TechNet Blogs.

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