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December 27, 2019

WhatsApp is bringing the ability to self-destruct messages in WhatsApp groups. Recent trial versions of WhatsApp have received a new feature for both Android and iOS, called “Delete messages.” Initially, this feature was expected to be available for both individual chats and group chats. However, the feature will be limited to group chats only and will make it easy for group admins.

According to WABetainfo, the new feature will be aimed at users who want to clean up the chat threads of the various groups they are in. According to the report, the feature will essentially be an automatic ‘cleaning tool’ for group users, allowing automatic deletion of old messages to clean the thread and save phone storage. However, it will be up to individual group administrators to enable or disable the feature for other members. WhatsApp messages take up space on devices and increase the size of online backups. Since group chats have a lot of exchanges, old messages sometimes become irrelevant and it is sensible to delete them after a while. Until now, users had to manually delete messages and that is a tedious process.

The administrators

With the “Delete Messages” feature, group administrators can now select a specific duration for messages in the group and once a message exceeds the specified duration, the app will automatically delete it. Users will be able to save messages for as little as one hour and up to a year.

Strangely, the feature will not reach individual chats and that could be a bummer for users. However, for group chats, you can reduce the volume of old messages and get rid of all those pesky GIFs and good morning images.

The feature is currently in testing and it might take a while before it reaches the stable release. Note that this feature is different from the ‘Delete for all’ feature that already exists for all chats. The ‘Delete for all’ function will continue to be available for all messages and users can continue to use it to delete a text before the recipient sees it.

Source: WhatsApp self destruct messages are coming soon and here’s the main reason behind it – Technology News

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