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February 19, 2015

Mobile Security Alert

The viruses that can continue spying on the user even when the mobile is turned off are already here. AVG has not yet wanted to provide specific information on how a malicious program that can seriously endanger the privacy (and wallet) of the victim is spread. What it has explained is that it works on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system and the way it carries out its attack when the user begins the process to turn off the mobile.

The virus attack mode is as follows. You must first gain access to the root of the system. Once you have these permissions to change the basic processes of the system, the operation that it shows is really dangerous. And it is that this Trojan is capable of intercepting the process by which the user turns off the phone.

When it is hijacked, the program launches its own process consisting of a window identical to the one that appears when the shutdown button is held down. If we choose the option to turn off the phone, we will see the typical animation and then how the screen turns black and we cannot interact with it. A process that does not raise suspicions but that hides the great threat of this program. Although it seems off, the mobile or tablet continues to function normally.

The malicious program can then carry out various functions without the user being aware. For example, you can use the camera to take pictures or what is even more dangerous: make calls without any visible change in the equipment. These calls can be directed to a paid service so that cybercriminals can monetize the attack.

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