New social network of photos and videos in which you are not ...

New social network of photos and videos in which you are not …

April 4, 2014

WekhoWekho is a social network created by Venezuelan entrepreneurs that allows users to travel to any place in the world and, through photographs and videos, know what is happening? What are the trends of that site and share comments.

The novelty of Wekho is that you decide what you want to see, are you stressed and would you like to go to the beach? You move the map to that point and that’s it. Did you hear a news near your community and are you in the office? You have the option to chat with those who are near that place.

Having friends or followers is just to filter the content you are watching and focus only on what they did or uploaded. But it is not a condition, you do not need to know anyone, you do not need to follow anyone. It is enough that this or those people are in the place of your interest.

Listen to the interview with Fedor Saldivia, creator of Wekho:

Fedor Saldivia, explains that “Wekho uses places as a common characteristic. Unlike other social networks, we are more interested in the ways of thinking, the mood or the tastes of users. Not necessarily its physical or sociological characteristics. For this reason, using the places as a starting point, we can presume who is or was there, who is or was on the same wavelength or tune as me ”.

Social networks are part of the daily life of Internet users around the world. In Venezuela now more than ever they are a fundamental channel for the day-to-day lives of users. Internet penetration reaches more than 40% of the population, as well as 70% is inclined towards the multimedia area (viewing, tagging, posting and commenting on photos and viewing and posting videos). 61% of Venezuelans like socializing with their friends, such as congratulating birthday children, meeting friends, and making plans; consume information of interest. Taking these figures into account, the new social network Wekho is here to stay.

Wekho does not reveal user information, comments can only be made to content that is close to the physical location of users, as well as chatting with people who are nearby. Also with this new application you can leave “Sticky notes”; Notes from a place you’ve been so that someone else can read them and learn about trends or comments from that place.

Another outstanding aspect of this application is that those who register can follow places and be up to date with what is happening. Giving it “follow place”, then you will enter a list called “place” in which you can view the places you follow where all the content of each site will be displayed.

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