New readers to copy bank cards in the ...

New readers to copy bank cards in the …

November 13, 2014

It’s not just smartphones that are making leaps and bounds. Criminal technologies are improving at an equally remarkable rate, and a good example is the readers used to copy bank cards to unsuspecting ATM users. Not only are they practically invisible, but their battery allows them to sustain their criminal activity for much longer.

Before, the systems to clone cards illegally were cumbersome, and they were installed on the own slot of the ATM trying to imitate its appearance. However, the newer models are extremely slim and slide into the original slot of the ATM until it is practically out of sight except to a seasoned observer.

These devices to steal card numbers are increasingly difficult to detect and to top it off, some of them work in conjunction with a small camera activated by a smartphone battery and mounted on a small structure that is hidden above the keyboard. While the reader copies our card number, the camera records the numbers of the secret code that we dial. Both data are sent directly to a nearby smartphone.

At the moment, the only method to prevent our card from being copied is to carefully check the machine in which we are going to carry out an operation and, if there is something that is strange to us, simply not use it.

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