New RAM memories will allow instant startup ...

New RAM memories will allow instant startup …

January 12, 2014

MRAM-RRAMA new generation of RAM memories could revolutionize the ignition systems of today’s computers, allowing instant ignition similar to that of tablets, but with greater performance and reliability. In addition, the technology of the MRAM and RRAM memories allow that the temporary data stored in it is not lost in the event of accidental disconnection or power system failure, blurring the boundaries between memory and PC storage.

Today’s PCs use DRAM to run programs and store temporary data required by the operating system and running software. One of the drawbacks of this type of memory is that all the temporary content stored in the memory is lost once the PC is disconnected from the power supply. In contrast, with MRAM and RRAM it would be possible to instantly resume the session as if nothing had happened, even if the PC was accidentally disconnected.

via MRAM and RRAM memories that will replace current Think Big DRAMs.

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