Nissan's new cars will go to the mirror ret ...

New Nissan cars go to the rearview mirror …

March 1, 2014

New Nissan cars go to electronic rearview mirror

Rearview mirrors based on a camera connected to a small screen are not new. They already exist as an independent device that we can install in the vehicle, and several automotive brands offer them. The latest to join that trend is Nissan. Their solution is called Smart RearView Mirror, and it has an interesting point: it does not eliminate the conventional mirror.

The Nissan system tries, by all means, not to be different from the mirror we’re used to. The screen has a panoramic format very similar to that of conventional interior mirrors. By simply moving a small lever, we can toggle between camera mode, with the screen on, and common mirror mode, with the screen off.

via The new Nissan cars are switched to the electronic rearview mirror.

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