New LG screen for smartphone with super frame ...

New LG screen for smartphone with super frame …

October 30, 2014

The Korean has presented a 5.3-inch LCD panel for mobile phones with a thickness of only 0.7mm (less than a bank card).

In order to reduce the frame so much, LG has done two things. The first is to integrate the touch panel into the LCD module itself, reducing the need for a wider width to hold both components.

The second change has been to replace the adhesive used to fix the circuits and the backlight system to the LCD. The new material is thinner and covers the entire contour of the screen. As a result, the display prevents light from escaping around it, and is waterproof and dirt-proof.

The screen is, for the moment, just that. It has not yet been integrated into any smartphone, although it will not take long to do so.

via LG has the new thinnest frame in smartphone screens: 0.7mm.

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