New Epson robot for industrial production is c ...

New Epson robot for production is capable of sensing …

July 21, 2014

Epson, through its advanced robotics area, has launched the development of an autonomous double-arm robot, to make effective and automate industrial production processes.

The prototype has vision systems and functions that allow determining the force applied to objects and surfaces, and can also autonomously execute a wide range of tasks by recognizing objects, making decisions, and adjusting different variables, during the execution process.

Epson has already contributed to multiple industries by building successful six-axis robots, such as the S5 and S5L. Building on this foundation, and backed by its area of ​​advanced technology, Epson introduces features that extend from vibration control, image processing, visual detection functions, and force control into this new machine, taking it one step closer. more towards automated and clearly effective work.

Epson’s Dual Arm Autonomous Robot will even be able to accurately recognize the position and orientation of objects in three-dimensional space, just like the human eye, with both arms having force sensors allowing robots to transport and stack objects. without causing them any harm.

The robot can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, simply showing it objects and work scenarios.

Epson plans to make a commercial version of the robot in fiscal year 2015 (ending March 2016).

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