New applications for BlackBerry 10 available in ...

New applications for BlackBerry 10 available in …

January 22, 2014

Asphalt 8 AirborneThe year is just beginning, and the BlackBerry World store in Venezuela launched new and varied applications for you to enjoy with your family and friends from your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone.

Now you have the possibility to read your favorite books online, share your tastes with other users through social networks, enjoy fun games and enhance the functions of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Take advantage of the opportunity and start this 2014 with a lot of energy by entering with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the BlackBerry World store in Venezuela and download all these applications created for you.

24symbols, a service that allows you to read electronic books over the Internet. All content is available online without the need to download any files. You can also share your favorite book phrases through social networks and find out about your friends’ favorite readings.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, exciting racing game with which you will have dynamic and high speed experiences. Choose from a wide variety of race car models, dodge all the obstacles that cross your path, and challenge your friends with the multiplayer option to show your driving skills.

Copy Cat (Heads Up), an entertaining game for you to enjoy with your family and friends, in which you will have to place your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone on your forehead so that a series of words appears on the screen that you will have to guess with the help of the clues that the other players will give you giving.

Watcher, an application that enhances the power of your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone. Control all the options on your device from the same application and assign the ones you think are convenient according to your daily activities, such as the profiles of calls received, changes in your personal profile , block text messages, and more.

ThunderSpace, the most advanced climate simulator that BlackBerry World Venezuela can offer you. It combines 3D stereoscopic audio quality with realistic effects. Create various weather conditions, from a cloudy day to the most torrential of storms.

Night Surfers: The Game, a game that takes place in a fantastic black and white world, where Alex, the charismatic main character, must run faster and faster through the different levels collecting different treasures that you find.

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