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September 22, 2014

Researchers from the private US university Dartmouth College have developed an application called StudentLife that is capable of using the sensors found in standard phones, such as the Android phones that many of us carry in our pockets, to measure our well-being and mental health.

48 students have allowed those responsible for the study to work with the data from their smartphones for ten weeks, to detect their mood swings, stress level, depression and loneliness. At the same time, several doctors were asked to interview these subjects on their own about their mood. And the conclusions obtained from both sources coincided.

StudentLife collects data such as smartphone movement and location, call and message log times, and also activates the microphone to detect nearby conversations. All this information is processed through an algorithm that extracts from it the user’s physical activity, communication, sleep and personal contact patterns, and analyzes them in search of symptoms of depression, such as the absence of conversations with other people.

via A new app uses the smartphone as a depression detector | TICbeat.

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