NASA software lets you discover your own a ...

NASA software lets you discover your own a …

March 16, 2015

NASA has made available to all users, free of charge, software to analyze and search for their own comets. In this way, anyone can become a true Asteroid Data Hunter and thus name a piece of space after him.

The software has been developed thanks to the collaboration of hundreds of developers who submitted their projects to improve the analysis algorithm in a contest that distributed more than $ 55,000 last 2014. Now, framing the application in the Asteroid Grand Challenge, a challenge of to the space agency and some collaborators, the intention is to make a difference in the discovery of new celestial bodies that allows us to know the sky even better.

The software to be an Asteroid Data Hunter is completely free, as we said, and is officially available for all operating systems (except for Linux, in Ubuntu, which will be ready shortly). The application allows analyzing the images obtained with telescopes, many of which are publicly accessible, with 15% more effectiveness than using previous algorithms. This is thanks to the optimization of the new Machine Learning algorithms developed and improved thanks to the participation of engineers and amateurs whose work has served to improve detection and avoid false positives. So far, according to various NASA sources, the result is enormously positive. With the software we can detect possible asteroids in the belts between Mars and Jupiter.

via NASA Software allows you to discover your own asteroid.

Image © FooTToo via Shutterstock

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