MX Anywhere 3: new mouse with buttons to control ...

MX Anywhere 3: new mouse with buttons to control …

September 21, 2020

Logitech announces a new wireless mouse, the MX Anywhere 3 that has the advantage that it can help those for whom video calls have replaced in-person meetings. Customizable side buttons that control camera and microphone settings during video conferencing.

MX Anywhere 3

That’s not the only thing the Anywhere 3’s two side buttons can do, but it’s the most interesting new setting you can choose from. In addition to the preset actions, there are application-specific actions that you can choose from when customizing each button in the Logitech Options software. Newer ones allow you to press a side button to start / stop your video streaming, or mute / unmute your microphone, while on a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video call.

The application profiles in Logitech Options are not new

They remain limited to a handful of applications, including Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Final Cut Pro. Basically, these profiles allow you to assign application-specific shortcuts to the buttons on your mouse or keyboard. The most recent actions are particularly timely now. They make it easy to quickly activate the sound when you need to answer your boss’s question or turn off the video feed before serving a child in need. These features are exclusive to MX Anywhere 3 at this time. But since they are only part of the application-specific profiles for Zoom and Microsoft Teams, eventually the MX Master 3 will be able to adopt them.

Regarding the design

The MX Anywhere 3 is almost exactly the same size as the Anywhere 2. It has new silicone side grips and a slightly taller bump on the back that helps it fit in the palm of your hand a bit easier. You can scroll laterally with the mouse by pressing a side button and rolling the MagSpeed ​​wheel at the same time. The new metal MagSpeed ​​wheel on this mouse is essentially a smaller version of the one on the MX Master 3. It brings electromagnetic scrolling to the Anywhere 3, which is more precise and faster than the previous scrolling mechanism in the Anywhere 2s. The new mouse also has 4000 DPI Darkfield technology that helps it track any material, even glass, and the wheel has center-click functionality that you can customize in Logitech Options.

With the next-generation MagSpeed ​​wheel, this new mouse silently rolls up to 1000 lines per second. It automatically switches between ratchet mode and hyperfast mode, giving the user the highest precision in a compact mouse.

All of these features allow you to customize the way Anywhere 3 feels while using it.

And that’s a good thing in a mouse that you’re supposed to use, well, anywhere. The Anywhere 3 is a mouse that is made to work on virtually any surface, including glass, as you move it around different workspaces in your home or office. Anywhere 3 connects wirelessly over a distance of up to 10 meters and has fast charging via USB-C, stays on for up to 70 days on a full charge, and a one-minute fast charge guarantees a three-hour battery life.

Price and availability

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 comes in a universal version, compatible with most operating systems, including Chrome OS and Linux, and a version optimized for MacOS. The former works via Bluetooth or with an included unifying USB receiver, while the latter is Bluetooth-only. Both are $ 79 and are available to pre-order on the Logitech website.

Source: Logitech’s new MX Anywhere 3 mouse has buttons to control Zoom | Engadget

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