Music streaming by genre would be new in 201 ...

Music streaming by genre would be new in 201 …

December 28, 2013

As services like Rdio, Deezer and Spotify increase their presence in different markets, the space for music streaming systems still has room to grow. According to the Wall Street Journal, what is coming for 2014 will be services that will offer certain genres of music, with lower prices and limited catalogs, but focused.

Thus, you could have a service that only did reggaeton streaming, which would only cost about USD $ 3 because it has no other music than that, with the promise of having all the reggaeton possible, even the rarest. Well, maybe with reggaeton it wouldn’t work so well, but it would with blues, jazz, classical music and opera, which are not being highly regarded in services that target a mass audience.

Most services have practically the same catalog and target the same consumer segment, so a more niche service could have opportunities. It should be remembered that for 2014 the Beats music service and the YouTube service are also expected.

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