Music is also 3D printed [Video]

Music is also 3D printed [Video]

January 18, 2015

Amanda Ghassaei has presented a very curious project where she has used a 3D printer to create plastic discs, with an identical operation to vinyl, to listen to digital music in analog format. At the moment it has some limitations but it already allows you to reproduce it.

These 3D discs are very similar to a vinyl: a groove is created in the surface and the needle of a record player follows it to reproduce the song in question. The quality, of course, still leaves a little to be desired: 33 revolutions per minute, 11 kHz of sampling (normal is four times that amount) and 5 or 6 bits of resolution instead of the typical 16 bits.

As you can see in the video, the songs are perfectly recognized but it is not the quality that we would normally find on vinyl. It is a matter of time to improve the results but it must be recognized that what Amanda has presented so far goes beyond a simple anecdote.

via Music is also 3D printed (and you can listen to it).

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