Movistar thanks, gives back and surprises the Venezuelans …

September 10, 2014

Contributing to social and technological development in the country, Movistar, on its tenth anniversary, launches a strategy to give back, surprise and thank the Venezuelan community, with exclusive benefits, special promotions, cultural activities and the launch of the project of Digital Rooms nationwide.

Movistar will close 2014 with an investment of more than 9 billion Bolívares, as part of the company’s commitment to provide the best benefits and a better communication experience to the more than 11 million customers who have placed their trust in the company. .

With this year’s investment figure, Movistar doubles the amount invested in 2013, increasing its contribution to the Venezuelan GDP and working on an accelerated plan of actions to improve infrastructure and expand coverage throughout the country, which included the ignition of the fourth 3G carrier for the 850 MHz band and the adaptation of more than 640 sites for the transmission of voice, SMS and data on this frequency.

Additionally, with a view to technological evolution, the company will be expanding its fiber optic network, to reach 3,400 kilometers nationwide, guaranteeing a transmission network with greater capacity and the latest generation that allows us to deploy, once authorized by the regulator, an efficient 4G network with significant benefits throughout the country.

Pedro Cortez, President of Telefónica Venezolana, within the framework of the commemorative activities of Movistar’s 10 years in the country, stated: “Today we want to thank the community for always keeping us in mind, it is a pride for me to say that currently, in the national mobile telephony sector, we have a 52% level of brand awareness. We will continue working to be in each of the corners of Venezuela, bringing technology within the reach of all sectors of the country ”.

Additionally, Pedro Cortez made reference to Movistar users who have joined the use of smart terminals: “We have a long-term commitment to Venezuela, where we have evolved with our users to become today the largest community of people with smartphones from the country.

Digital Inclusion

Regarding the company’s social projects, Pedro Cortez said: “For Movistar this anniversary is another opportunity to continue giving back to our communities with social initiatives. This year, Movistar launched the Digital Rooms project to place technology within everyone’s reach, boosting the technological development of Venezuelans ”.

Regarding the Digital Rooms project, Pedro Cortez added: “I want to announce that we are going to invest 1,500 million bolivars in a new social program that has three aspects, one of which is the Digital Rooms. These rooms will be equipped with computers with Internet access, television with educational content, Wi-Fi, fixed telephony, audiovisual support, screens, a media library and content management. In the coming months we will inaugurate the first 10 Digital Rooms out of a total of 150 that we will install in three years in hospitals, schools, libraries and museums ”.

An anniversary to thank, surprise and give back

The tenth anniversary of Movistar, is loaded with a series of activities that will last for more than two months and aim to thank, surprise and give back to its users and the community in general.

The start of the company’s actions will take place on September 11 with the premiere of the Anniversary commercial for television. At dusk, Movistar fills with lights and colors with the lighting of its tower for the enjoyment of all passersby. Simultaneously, the Caraqueños will be able to enjoy a large-format projection show with the video mapping “10 years in Venezuela” at the Xerox tower.

The promotions will also be on the anniversary. In Mobile Telephony, Movistar TV and Movistar Recharges, users will be able to count on exclusive benefits, which will be announced throughout these two months, in order to provide the best options on the market adapted to their communication and entertainment needs.

Surprise, it will be the touch of these ten years of Movistar in Venezuela, since our users will enjoy the “Free Sundays” where, prior announcement, they will be able to make free calls, send SMS, and have the best entertainment with the packages of HBO’s premium channels. Additionally, these surprises will be extended to the shopping centers of the main cities of the country, Simón Bolívar International Airport and the Caracas Metro, to share with the community a different moment in their daily lives.

Entertainment and culture will also be part of this anniversary, with a concert that will take place in November with one of the most prominent international artists of the moment. In the cultural sphere, Movistar will be promoting for the enjoyment of Venezuelans, activities such as the national tour of Vida Boheme, Spanish Film Festival, Garden Cinema, Ladosis magazine concert, Sibeluis fest and Pampatín.

More digital

All these initiatives will have an important accompaniment on our social networks, in addition to having contests on Facebook MovistarVe such as “Come Anniversary” that will be activated with every 10 thousand new followers and on Instagram MovistarVe, with the photo contest for millennials “Number 10” .

With ten years in Venezuela, Movistar strengthens its commitment to digital inclusion with the country, through a sustained investment plan, which pursues innovation and the generation of technological, cultural and entertainment spaces for all sectors of the community.

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