Movistar Spain customers suffer instability in ...

Movistar Spain customers suffer instability in …

August 22, 2014

Google is not working properly since yesterday afternoon. Some users of the popular Internet search engine in Spain began to complain that the service suffered intermittent stoppages. The pattern has been repeated well into the morning today without Google offering any information about it.

But what has really happened? Why is Google and other services like Google Drive or Translator working intermittently? Well, the latest news tells us that the fault would not be directly Google, but Movistar. The stoppages in the service are being suffered by the clients of this operator in Spain, as Google itself has indicated and Movistar clarified through its official Twitter account.

When asked by users, the company has been forced to detail that they are experiencing an incident and that it is only possible to correctly access Google by entering the IP of in the browser bar:

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