Movilnet trained visually impaired people in ...

Movilnet trained visually impaired people in …

August 25, 2014

In Venezuela, more than 30 people participated in the workshop with the intention of getting closer to information technologies and breaking down the barriers that prevent their equal access to communications.

The mobile operator of the State, Movilnet, a subsidiary of Cantv, organized the first Workshop on the Use of Smartphones through special Mobile Applications for people with visual disabilities, in order to guarantee their access to Information Technologies and provide the tools necessary to facilitate their right to communication, as established in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In the workshop, organized with the support of the Miranda Association of the Blind and the National Council for People with Disabilities (Conapdis), more than 30 people with visual disabilities participated, interested in getting closer to information technologies and breaking the barriers that prevent their equal access to communications.

The day was in charge of public servants of Movilnet, who acted as facilitators to provide general information about the Android operating system and the various free applications that allow the use of smart devices currently offered by the operator.

Cergio Monasterios, representative of the Association of the Blind of Miranda and who was part of the team of facilitators, thanked Movilnet for the initiative and assured “It is the first time in Venezuela that people with visual disabilities are taken into account in the development of days like this, which facilitate learning to make good use of mobile phones. With this, Movilnet goes beyond the sale of a computer “.

Monasterios recalled that it was with Commander Chávez that people with visual disabilities were recognized both in the Constitution and in the policies and programs promoted by the Bolivarian Government. “Today we have a lot to give to society and that is our commitment. From what I learn and receive, I try to impart and multiply it so that others will join in ”he added.

The well-known child singer, Lucia Valentina Barbosa, also participated in the activity, thanking the Movilnet family for supporting people with disabilities. “I feel very happy because in the workshop they taught me how to use the telephone, send text messages; I will be able to communicate with my fans on Twitter ”. Lucia Valentina invited people with disabilities to follow their dreams with joy, commitment, work and perseverance.

With this training session, Cantv and its mobile operator reaffirm their commitment to contribute to the consolidation of a just and supportive Homeland, where all Venezuelans have equal access to communications as a fundamental human right.

via Movilnet trained people with visual disabilities in the use of smartphones | TI Press Releases.

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