Movilnet radiobase inaugurated in Macho Capaz - ...

Movilnet radiobase inaugurated in Macho Capaz – …

December 10, 2014

Movilnet radiobase inaugurated in Macho Capaz-Mérida

Entities attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology, put into service a new radio base in Mérida, located in the Jají parish of the Campo Elías municipality, complying with the commitments of the Government of Efficiency in the Street, Cantv and its subsidiary Movilnet.

Thanks to the popular organization, expressed through the Technical Telecommunications Tables (MTT) and the joint work of different Cantv units and its subsidiary Movilnet; Macho Capaz, a rural sector of the Campo Elías municipality of Mérida state, achieved access to telecommunications services.

The important work responds to one of the strategic objectives of the Operator and its subsidiary, established in the Plan de la Patria 2013-2019; Through which, the democratization of telecommunications services in Venezuela is promoted.

The radio base station located in the La Cuchilla Alta sector, is equipped with GSM technology. It consists of a 48-meter-high antenna, whose coverage radius of approximately 3.5 kilometers, provides telecommunications services to the Macho Capaz community, part of the Jají – Las Cruces – La Azulita highway axis and surrounding villages.

Hermógenes Puente, spokesperson for the Lomas Unidas Cuenca Macho Capaz Socialist Commune, said: “We are jubilant. The radio base station is a very significant achievement for all of us. Our commune was born, fundamentally, by the imperative need for communication that we had ”.

“We thank Commander Chávez, President Maduro, our companies Cantv and Movilnet, for their support and backing to achieve this important achievement, which will undoubtedly contribute to the well-being of those of us who live here.”

For his part, Luís Barboza, spokesperson for the El Tambor Agroecological Community, said: “We are happy, happy with this great work. A major work, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will allow us to communicate effectively with the rest of the country and the world ”.

“Here we organize and work together, the community members and the entities of the State, to make this dream come true. This is an emblematic project, which brings telecommunications to the field, to those who need it most. That is why we say with pride that we are making revolution and making a homeland ”.

The telecommunications services, which Macho Capaz now has, will contribute to the well-being, progress and development of this important area, considered an agricultural and livestock emporium of the Campo Elías municipality.

In this way, Cantv and its subsidiary Movilnet continue to make important efforts to expand its coverage in all corners of the country, promoting the growth and quality of its technological footprint to reach historically excluded locations.

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