Movilnet expands and modernizes its platform in 27 cities ...

Movilnet expands and modernizes its platform in 27 cities …

February 11, 2015

Sale of mobile phones MovilnetMovilnet, a subsidiary of Cantv, continues with the expansion and improvement plan of its GSM / UMTS networks in 69 cities of the country, with the aim of expanding the capabilities of its platform and providing a better service to its users every day.

In the second half of 2014, Movilnet started a platform modernization plan that today reaches 82% progress in 27 cities located throughout the national geography, and which translates into service improvements clearly perceived by its inhabitants .

From Central West to the Venezuelan plain, in cities such as Barquisimeto, Cabudare, Cubiro, Guanare, San Felipe, Barinas, El Tigre, Cantaura, Santa Fe, Acarigua, Barinitas, Cabruta, Valle de la Pascua, Zaraza and San Fernando; from the Center and East of the country to the Andes: Caicara del Orinoco, San Juan de los Morros, Villa de Cura, La Victoria, Maracay, San Antonio del Táchira, Colón, San Cristóbal, Ureña, La Fría and Mérida, are the cities in which Movilnet today shows higher quality in Voice traffic and higher data upload and download speeds.

In another 20 cities, Movilnet continues modernization works in parallel, showing progress of more than 60%, so users from cities such as Puerto La Cruz, Maturín, Ciudad Bolívar, Calabozo, Rubio, Ciudad Guayana, Porlamar and Carúpano, begin to enjoy a more stable and fast service.

Movilnet with this modernization project plans to benefit 11,000,000 inhabitants, covering most of the territory and preparing its platform for 4G technology, aligned with the policies of the Bolivarian Government that point to the massification of communications, as a fundamental human right .

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