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October 21, 2014

With the intention of consolidating in Venezuela a new strategy for the provision of telecommunications services that will facilitate closing the existing gap in some localities of the country and guarantee the access of Venezuelans to communications, Movilnet, a Cantv subsidiary, began the construction of the first radio base for shared use with the operators Movistar and Digitel.

This project, promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (Meuct), will allow the construction of unique infrastructures in which the three operators are located to reach towns where they do not have a presence, facilitate cost reduction and accelerate the expansion of the footprint in the country.

The vice president of Operations and Systems of Movilnet, Juan Duque, explained that it is an initiative of the Bolivarian Government, through the Meuct, in its effort to reach every corner of the country to guarantee the communications of the Venezuelan people as a fundamental human right, reason why Movilnet takes the first step by building this radio base in the Paraguaná Free Zone, which will benefit more than 30 companies and 3,000 workers; as well as some 63 thousand inhabitants of the surrounding communities.

He explained that the discussions of the project of radio bases for common use infrastructure began a little less than two months ago, when Movistar and Digitel responded positively to the call for work tables, in which Conatel also participates to guarantee compliance with the regulations of the sector.

“In this way, a new way of sharing infrastructures is defined, under the necessary standards that guarantee the efficiency in the service provided by each operator, since the priority for the State is that more and more Venezuelans are communicated,” said Duque.

For the president of the Industrial, Commercial and Services Free Zone of Paraguaná, Rubén Ávila, assured that the Bolivarian Government “is giving impetus to joint projects between the public and private sectors of the country, demonstrating that it is possible to unite in a socialist model that seeks guarantee quality services for our people ».

The Vice President of Strategic Planning of Telefónica Movistar, Luis Benatuil, assured that this project promotes inclusion and allows accelerating the deployments of new technologies in the market. “For us it is decisive to bring technology closer to people, to reduce the gap so that every day more Venezuelans can take advantage of the advantages that technology offers to improve their lives.”

For his part, Daniel Abraham, general manager of Digitel’s Occidente, Andes and Centro Occidente, highlighted the importance of this joint project in which the operator fully trusts, as he assures it is an action that will allow the provision of communications services in the most efficient to more Venezuelans. He recognized the importance of this initiative promoted by Meuct, in which Digitel will actively participate for the benefit of its users.

This radio base is the pilot of a plan that contemplates the construction of 30 sites with the same characteristics, where each operator will build 10 sites to share with the others.

via Cantv Press – Movilnet

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