Movilnet alerts about fraudulent sale online ...

Movilnet alerts about fraudulent sale online …

August 15, 2014

The commercialization of the mobile telephone equipment of the mobile operator of the Venezuelan State is carried out only through its authorized channels: commercial offices, authorized agents, special sales hours and the virtual store of the Company’s portal.

The National Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv) and its subsidiary company Movilnet, informs the general public that the only authorized channels for the acquisition of Movilnet mobile equipment are the 35 Commercial Service Offices, 826 Authorized Agents available throughout the country, the virtual store on the official portal and the special sales days.

In this sense, the Mobile Telephone Company recommends its users to be alert to offers of mobile equipment on electronic sales portals whose origin is not guaranteed by Movilnet.

The Operator informs that it does not have representatives on electronic sales portals and is not responsible for equipment acquired through other means that do not correspond to those mentioned above.

It also recommends to those users who have received fraudulent offers of equipment or have been the victim of scam by unscrupulous people, make a complaint to the State security agencies available for these cases.

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