Motorola would sell cheap Lenovo mobiles in E ...

Motorola would sell cheap Lenovo mobiles in E …

March 31, 2014

lenovo-smartphone-a516-front-back-1Lenovo wants Motorola to be able to sneak its phones into absolutely every pocket, and part of its strategy could be to highlight the devices it currently markets in the East and Latin America while Moto concentrates its resources on creating more advanced models.

According to the CEO of Lenovo to the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche, the intention of his company is to continue pushing the Motorola brand in the United States and Western Europe, for which it could follow a structured war plan to fight on two different fronts: the mid-range -high, where Motorola would continue to attack with its own products, and everything that remains below, where Lenovo terminals would play an important role. Both product lines would be together, but not jumbled.

via Motorola it would sell cheap Lenovo mobiles in Europe and the US.

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