More than 300,000 servers are still vulnerable ...

More than 300,000 servers are still vulnerable …

May 9, 2014

heartbleed2Robert Graham of the security company Errata has carried out a new analysis of a large number of Internet sites, or at least some parts that understand port 443 of IPv4 addresses, revealing that 318,239 systems are still vulnerable. It is certainly a breakthrough, as when Heartbleed was detected there were more than 600,000 affected servers.

According to Graham’s words, after his analysis he saw how Heartbleed has affected the systems, finding that 300,000 have been patched. In addition, it has ensured that it only affects servers that use OpenSSL, and currently most of the most important servers that support SSL are based on software other than OpenSSL.

via More than 300,000 servers remain vulnerable to Heartbleed.

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