Mobile payment by SMS text messages is now possible in ...

Mobile payment by SMS text messages is now possible in …

September 19, 2018

Bancaribe offers its clients its service for Natural Persons: My Bancaribe SMS Payment, which will allow them to transfer up to Bs. S 1,000 per day by text message. The affiliation process is very simple and for this you will only need to access the My Mobile Banking Connection application once through a smartphone.

Mobile payment for SMS text messages is now possible in Venezuela

After logging in, users must select the Customer Services option, click on Affiliation to Mi Pago Bancaribe, answer the security questions required by the system and complete their registration indicating their email, phone number and account that they wish to associate. . Those customers who are already users of Mi Pago Bancaribe, can dispense with the affiliation and start enjoying this service.

Through Mi Pago Bancaribe SMS, they can make payments and transfers by sending a text message to 22741 with the word mipago + the recipient’s ID (including nationality: V, E or P) + the first 4 digits of the account number of the beneficiary + the amount of the payment (using commas as decimal separators) + the recipient’s phone number, leaving a space between each data.

Example: mipago V1234567 0114 500,11 04141234567

“With this new service, our clients will be able to execute their transactions immediately, quickly and safely,” said Julio César López, Vice President of Products and Innovation in Payment Methods at Bancaribe. “The great advantage of Mi Pago Bancaribe SMS is that it will offer users greater mobility by allowing them to carry out operations from any mobile device, without having to have an active data plan,” he added.

It is important to note that the operations carried out by Mi Pago Bancaribe SMS affect the daily limit of the operations carried out by the same service through Mi Conexion Bancaribe Móvil.

For more information, you can visit the website, follow them on their social networks: Twitter: @Bancaribe, Facebook and LinkedIn: Bancaribe or contact My Contact Bancaribe at the number 0500 – BANCARIBE (2262274)

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