Mobile and online video games will be the leaders ...

Mobile and online video games will be the leaders …

February 11 2014


The video game industry cannot turn its back on the mobile revolution. Mobile devices have become unlimited entertainment platforms where, of course, these virtual games have a place. This is demonstrated by a report recently presented by the firm Digi-Capital where industry analysts present their opinions on how the world of video games will evolve from now until 2017.

In this report, everyone agrees that the next triennium will be positive for the industry, which will reach a value of over $ 100 billion in the next three years. Growth, however, will largely depend on the Asian market and, of course, on how the sector adapts to mobile devices. They estimate that in 2017 60 percent of the industry will come from mobile games and also from the online side of video games.

And it is that nowadays, more and more people live in the company of devices such as smartphones and tablets, small and manageable multifunctional devices that we resort to on countless occasions throughout the day. The online casino and gambling operators sector, faced with this reality, has anticipated that of video games and there are already several portals that offer their users the possibility of challenging their luck and having fun from their mobile.

Portals like, a benchmark in this sector, have versions for users to also play via mobile, either for fun or for money. They only need to register and indicate their phone number, from which they can manage their banking, making deposits or collecting prizes.

In this virtual casino there are many fans who have won large prizes throughout their fifteen years of experience. Before they needed a computer to do it. Now they can browse the best online casinos in Spain and choose from more than 400 different games from their smartphone, with greater convenience and immediacy. If luck fits in a pocket, there is also room for video games …

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