MITV: all INTER channels in one

September 23, 2014

Starting today, the telecommunications company INTER is pleased to announce the birth of this new project: MITV, a timely television channel that promises to be a perfect tool to make the most of subscription TV.

MITV will be a showcase to showcase the best, the most innovative and interesting that the channels of the Inter programming grid offer, in a dynamic, entertaining and close way, becoming a modern and attractive guide in terms of content.

The main commitment of the brand is to offer subscribers a way to enrich their experience when watching television, allowing them to discover and decide what they want to watch, at the time and on the channel of their choice. MITV is a window, a mouth opener to show how and where to enjoy the most varied content.

The channel will have programs designed to establish a connection with its users through successful and innovative recommendations for home entertainment, through close, spontaneous and light communication, such as the one described by Inter. The most important and acclaimed events in the television industry, such as: Premieres, end of season, special episodes, series marathons, movies, concerts, behind the scenes, awards and many more will be the protagonists.

From now on you can enjoy the MITV signal on channel 14 and on channels 1, 20, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 on Satellite TV.

With this initiative, Inter places in the hands of channels, advertisers and subscribers a tool to make subscription TV an accessible and attractive experience, with the ability to adapt to each of the viewers’ preferences when turning on the TV.

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