MirrorSys is the future of communications according to H ...

MirrorSys is the future of communications according to H …

March 5, 2015

Huawei has presented the MirrorSys prototype at the Mobile World Congress 2015, created from a new concept that the company has called ‘full field communication’, which allows information to be transported from one environment to another through the network, creating a true digital reflection with images, sounds and feelings.

MirrorSys is designed through a large, high definition, real-time communication system. In addition, it transmits to users the light, sound and environment of the moment. The initial prototype features a single-piece 220-inch screen, as well as a resolution that matches the visual acuity of a person at a distance of 2.4 meters.

MirrorSys offers 8K ultra high definition video, a 110 degree viewing angle and a 22.2 channel sound field with seamless latency. This system presents all the information remotely, offering the public an immersive audiovisual experience. Additionally, the extensible architecture allows for higher image resolution and greater viewing angles.

via Huawei MirrorSys, the future of communications is present | Zonamovilidad.es.

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