Minimalist monitor clears your desktop and increases ...

Minimalist monitor clears your desktop and increases …

February 3, 2019

The desk is probably the space in any office that we spend the most time in. Most of the tasks in companies are carried out there. A large percentage of creative, administrative or sales processes are developed on this type of furniture, which is accompanied by the essential computer. For this reason, this space must remain in the greatest possible order and cleanliness, as it is here where the worker unleashes his professional talent.
Samsung Space Monitor

Samsung introduced Space Monitor, a new line of displays designed to improve work efficiency by increasing usable desk space. The design saves space thanks to its integrated stand and arm that provide 40% more usable desk area. When you are not using the monitor, you can store it flat against the wall to recover practically the entire usable surface of your work table. The Samsung Space Monitor SR75 model comes in two sizes, 27 and 32 inches.

Samsung Space Monitor has a unique space saving solution consisting of a fully integrated minimalist arm, which clips to the edge of the table and frees up desk space. This single-arm mount can disappear into the back of the monitor’s slim bezel by placing it against the wall. The screen can also be lowered to the desktop surface, offering great versatility to accommodate any type of viewing preference.

Samsung Space Monitor

The same bracket also eliminates the hassle of cable management by integrating power and HDMI cables through the arm for a clean, flexible look. Beyond aesthetics, the Space Monitor offers high performance and many features and settings.

The 27-inch model has QHD resolution for detailed and sharp images, while the 32-inch model displays its content in 4K UHD. The price of the 32-inch 4K Samsung Space Monitor is $ 500.

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