Millions of plastic balls will fight against dry …

August 13, 2015

California is experiencing the worst drought in its history. The lack of water is leading to extreme measures. The latest has been to cover the main reservoirs that supply the city of Los Angeles with a layer of 96 million small plastic balls to protect the water.

The balls, called Shade balls, are somewhat more advanced than those that we can find in a children’s playground. These are spheres of 10 centimeters in diameter, hollow and completely watertight made of black polyethylene. By pouring them on the surface of the water in sufficient quantity, they form a layer that prevents sunlight from evaporating the water.

It is a simple solution that will prevent more than 1.3 million cubic meters of water from disappearing per year. Each ball costs 36 cents to manufacture. The City of Los Angeles has invested a total of 34.5 million dollars in this initiative.

Source: Millions of plastic balls will fight California drought

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