Microsoft withdraws the August update of Windo ...

Microsoft withdraws the August update of Windo …

August 17, 2014

At the beginning of the week Microsoft published a new update of Windows 8.1 considered Update 2 of the system. Known as the August update, it includes hardly any new features, reserving the big changes for the future version of Windows that is in preparation. But, unfortunately, what it does bring with it are some errors that have forced it to be withdrawn.

After downloading and installing the update, some users have suffered failures on their computers, including a blue screen. Faced with this situation, Microsoft has decided, as a preventive measure, to remove the links for the manual download of the update. Also, while investigating the issues, they recommend that users uninstall it by following the steps detailed in the related security bulletin.

via Microsoft withdraws the Windows 8.1 August update due to bugs affecting some users.

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